A recent reply in a thread made by speedbump, made me think of something. He mentioned to another poster in the thread, about the pump cycling too much and how this could cause the motor windings to heat up, thus shortening the life of the pump motor.

So, I began thinking about when I use the "bum gun" (like the handheld sprayer we have on kitchen sinks, in the US) in our toilet. The sprayer doesn't pass enough water while spraying it. So, the pump cycles and continues to do so, as long as I am using the sprayer.

This pump sits on top of the pressure tank as a single unit.
IMG_0591_r.jpg IMG_0592_r.jpg IMG_0593_r.jpg
IMG_0594_r.jpg IMG_0597_r.jpg

My question here is, can I install a second pressure tank on the pressure side of the pump & tank, before it enters the building? My goal here is, to create more of a buffer (more time between pump cycles), by adding the second and hopefully larger pressure tank to the system.

Apologies if I am not clear enough here. I'm not 100% certain as to how I should have worded this post.