I have a drilled well that produces 4GPM, the pump is approximately 260 feet deep into the well and is a 3/4 horse pump.

I've noticed a few issues with water supply in the house. Examples include when showering if anyone else opens a faucet in the house or flushes a toilet then the shower gets scolding hot water only. Another example is running a garden hose to water the lawn results in little to no water in the house.

I have a 20GAL pressure tank and a 40/60 switch. The tank has 38psi when empty as it should. I noticed if I open a tap or two in the house and then watch the pressure gauge at the tank, it will drop to 40psi slowly then the pump will turn on and the psi will increase to 45psi. I let it run for about 5min like this and it never gets higher then 45psi.

Is this normal? My understanding was the pump was supposed to take the psi back to 60 then the tank would feed water again until 40psi. The tank feels empty when the water is running and is at 45psi.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.