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Thread: What's the final conclusion on tank problems

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    What's the final conclusion on tank problems


    I'm looking at different Multistradas, mainly 1100's. I've read and re-read very post available on the issue with ethanol and tank swelling but can't come to any real occlusion other then it's a pretty screwed up problem. Some post they're on their third tank, others post they're selling their bike because they're sick of it. A company in CA is looking to maybe make an after market tank but no firm date that I know of.
    I could buy a nice '08 and within months later have a tank problem. If I get it replaced, then have it again. I've been to my local dealer ( San Antonio ) and get mix messages, no problem, Ducati's taking care of it, use this additive, S100 and you'll never have problems. Then I read S100 is snake oil, some peoples opinion.
    In the south Texas heat, a bike will certainly spend time sitting in the sun, can't be helped. I don't want a bike that I know has a problem just waiting to happen and there's no real answer on the horizon.
    Any Suggestion Would be appreciate.

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