Hi i have been using well water for 10 years now and just started to see the pressure drop to very slow flow through faucets/showers etc.. It was as low as 18 psi. I added some air in the tank and it reached up to about 30 psi now BUT i am not convinced that this is the solution. Moreover the following bothers me..
1. The pump keeps running CONSTANTLY. There is 240 V going out of the Square D pressure switch(30/50), and it is pulling about 7 Amps ALL the time. .. The pressure in the tank reads(from the pressure gauge just before the house supply shutoff valve) about 32 psi and still the pressure switch does not cut off the power to the pump??
2. even thought the pump is constantly running and I have the shutoff to the main house supply shut off, the pressure does not go above 32 psi??

Can you please direct me to what could be the problem and how to solve this. I had a plumber come out and he stated that I need to replace the well pump, but if the pump is bad, would there be water coming out at all??

After reading a few posts here, I saw that the pump running all the time would run dry, but I did shut the pump off( killed the power to the pump) for a few minutes and turned it back on and still the same problem.
Thanks again..