Hello please bear with me as I am new to this site and to the well water supplies and maintance/usage..

I am curretnly renting a home the has well water. Upon moving in I noticed eveything int he house was turning orange// Tub, toliet, sink, dishes ect.... I looked in the basement of the home and noticed that the water was not hooked up to the filtration system. When this is done there is wertically no water pressure in the house..

Obviuosly this is why is was not hooked up through the filteration system . When it is not hooked up the pressure is fine.

I have read through most of the old posts and I thinking that the pressure tank is shot or need to be recharged.

THis is what I know...

Pump is an old sears pump... set at 40/20...seems to be working as set I am not sure if I should adjust pressure setting to 60/40?

Pressure tank is an Old tourquios colored Clayton Mark. I do not see a size on it but would guess 20 gallon.. It has a schrader valve on side. When I depressed it nothing but water comes out. What I have gotten from the board so far is that this means the tank is bad or perhaps I could drain tank and refill with air. This is where I need some help... Landlord does not fill he need to replace system since it works without being hooked up to the filteration system. I disagree and would like to see it I can get it to work properly.He said if I get it to work he will reimburse the money..
SO do I need to replace the pressure tank or can I just drain it and refill with air. Will this help with the pressure. Or should I have someone come out and look at the whole set up?

Any assistance would be appreciated....

set up is pump tank inline filtratating-filtration system water softner