I bought my house and I know it needs alot of work but here is my issue. I have a well with a submersible pump and when the pump is running it pumps very good. The tank was shot when I bought the place and it was in an outbuilding that was falling apart so I decided to move it inside the house. So the water lines go from the pump past my outside faucet then in to the house. Once inside I put a T in and put the controls inside as well as the tank. The tank has 30 PSI(give or take) and at first I set my control to 30/50. If I just use water inside the system works fine but if I use the outside faucet and the pressure is close to cut on pressure the line pressure will drop to 0 very quick then the pump start catching up and everthing works fine. after I shut off the outside faucet the pump continues to run till cut off pressure and pressure holds good after that. Is it just that the outside faucet lets so much water out so fast that the system cant catch up quick enough or am I missing something. I tried to leave the tank pressure at 30 and set the control to 40/60 but still same problem. I do not have a check valve outside unless its down inside the well or on the pump but if it were that I would think I would loose pressure all the time. If this is something I need to live with I can. The type of faucet is one of those frost proof garden ones in the middle of the yard.