My daughter who lives in Connecticut called to say she had no water. Investigating, she and her husband found a circuit breaker had tripped. When they flipped it back it tripped again. Baffled, they called a company who had an ad in their local newspaper that said, basically, "No water, call us." So they called. The guy came over (on a Sunday) and said he found that their electric cabling was old and the pump had gone bad. Their well is down about 150 feet. The guy fixed it all by replacing the cabling with new and installing a new pump. He was there 3 hours and charged them $2,000. He said for an additional $1,000 he would replace their aging supply tank. They declined that offer for financial reasons for now.

I'd be interested to know if what they paid was in line with prevailing costs for what he did in Connecticut? Also, is replacing a residential storage tank worth $1,000?

Just doing a little due dilligence (after the fact).