I recently purchased a house with a well aprox 200' deep. The pump is a 1hp (gpm and manufacture unknown). The house has a weltrol wx-251 pressure tank and the Garage has a weltrol wx202-pro pressure tank. The well output goes to the house and then into the garage where the 40/60 pressure switch and the pump control box is located.

The problem started with the occasional tripping of the 20 amp breaker for the well pump. I have checked the wiring for shorts/ bare wires and have found nothing. I drained the system and checked the tank pressure and found that the the WX251 tanke was charged to about 65 lbs and the WX-202 was charged to 27lbs. I charged both tanks to 38lbs and have restarted the system. Since the breaker tripping don't happen on a regular basis I don't know if I have fixed the problem.

My question is "Does having the tank precharged to 65lbs create enough back pressure on the pump to cause it to heat up and trip the breaker or do I have a pump that is probably going to die"? My other question is does it matter that I have 2 different size tanks and that the pressure switch is located on the smaller tank?