I live high on a hill, and my water supply is from the local city-water line that runs along the main road approximately 2 or 300 feet below my house. I have a water pump that pumps water up the hill into a pressurized holding tank that is approximately 20 ( maybe 30) gallons, and I am told it probably has a bladder inside. It has a pressure valve set to kick on at 40lbs and off at 60lbs. This tank is about 20 years old and the brand name is "H2-Ow-To". My pump motor went bad about 2 years ago and I had to replace it, but other than that it has worked pretty well, until the past few days. All of a sudden every time I turned on the water the pump would kick on, then off, then on again, in other words 'short cycling'. When I turn the power off at the breaker, then turn on the water, there is barely any water pressure at all. I have been told the reason for this is I probably have a busted bladder inside the tank. Does this sound about right? I appreciate any input or advice I can get. Thanks!