Our home is 16 years old and has been serviced all 16 years with a 3gpm well (2 gpm flow valve) however recently the pump quit and was seized in the casing, the well man broke off the pipe trying to lift it.

We have another well (50' deep) on the property 600' from the home and aprox 200' down hill. This well accoridng to the contractor flows 5gpm. My dilema is whether I should be happy with 5gpm and pay for the trenching etc. to bring that up to the house or try to improve on it?

The well man seems to have little interest in drilling deeper, I think he just has too many things going (just not very helpful) and is suggesting that 5gpm is good enough (125% better than we had).

So, what would you do? Pay to try to improve the flow or be happy with it? I believe that other homes nearby are getting 8
12 gpm but thats all hear say.