I'm trying to figure out my best option for the water supply to my house. My well is a low producer so I'll need a storage tank. I could easily place that storage tank on a nearby hill 40' - 50' (or higher) above where my house will be built but it's 890' from the well to this potential tank location and back to the house. If I were to place the storage tank near the house & use a booster pump, it would only be 580' (or 200' if I wanted/could bury the pipe on a steep incline). Other info:

-my well is nearly 400' deep
-I want to use as little energy as possible (I may be off grid & have no energy to spare)
-I'll likely be doing most/all the work myself & am willing to put forth extra sweat labor within reason to save money
-the storage tank will be for household use only (450 gallons/week max).

I'm thinking I'd be better off placing the tank on the hill to save the cost of the booster pump & the electricity to run it. I know the extra piping will cost more but are there other things I'm forgetting here? What would you do if you were me?

Guidance appreciated.