I have a 62 foot deep well that has the original pump which is an old pump belt driven by a 120v 1/2horsepower motor....the leathers have been replace but it still leaves a lot to be desired...is it possible to put in any other type of deep well pump.....a submersible is out of the question as the pipe going down I believe is only one and a half inch diameter.....also the inside tank is giving me a lot of rust, which plugs up the filter going to the water softener very quickly, it is 17" in diameter and 36" tall. This I would like to replace with a bladder tank regardless. what size would you recommend and is it possible to replace the galvanized pipe from the pump to the tank inside the house with pvc? any help would be greatly appreciated.....I have noticed someone on that sells equipment named Bob.....does anyone know how to contact him directly?? thanx and have a nice day