This is another attempt to describe my problem.
I'll try to give all the details to try to help with the solution.

The well & pump worked fine except when we would turn on too many faucets, like watering the lawn, then the water would shut off. I tried adjusting the pressure settings now it shuts off more often.
I replaced the pressure switch to increase the settings from 30/50 to a 40/60. It's about 150' from the well to the pressure tank & 200' to the house with a 1" line. To keep the pressure up at the house I started the pressure settings at 50/70 with 48lbs in the pressure tank. The pump works alittle harder getting to 70lbs but would go higher but the pressure relief valve would leak. The pump works fine for awhile, even days, then shuts off, often at night when there is no water usage. I've tried adjusting the pressure just about every way I know how but it still shuts off.
I've used an accurate pressure gage to check the pressure tank when the pump is shut off. The tank is empty and light. Adjusted the cut-on and cut-off by watching the pressure gage on the pipe.

When the water shuts off the pipes are filled with air when we turn the pump back on. I'm wondering why the water shuts off when there is no usage, and if the air in the lines effect the pressure settings. I adjusted the pressure settings to 55/70 to give more room for the switch to click on. It still works fine then shuts off.

I bought a pressure switch with an auto shut-off option in case the well runs dry, which it doesn't. What would happen if I went to one without this option?

I think I could have someone come out but they would probally adjust the settings and it would be ok, for a day or so, then shut off at night. I hope you could help I would very much appreciate it.