Hi Guys, I'm a newby to your forum and seek all your expert opinions.
My situation is as follows, I have:
1. Newly drilled well, depth 845 ft. with a 4" PVC liner.
2. The driller rated the well at 75 gpm, exceptional for the area.
580 ft. only had 3 gpm, so I'm very lucky.
3. The static level is now at 200 ft.
4. I am developing 10 acres in the Northern Calif. foothills. There
are no utilities or improvements to the property. No house, no
water lines, no power lines yet. The main power lines are approx.
200 ft. away. The house will be approx. 3000 sq. ft. and approx.
500 ft. from the well. One acre will have landscape irrigation
and possiblely two or three acres of irrigation for trees.
5. My well is capable of supplying a 25 gpm. pump, but the cost is
very expensive, more for pump, pipe, well wire, and operation.
25 gpm. is probably too big for residential use. I think a 2 hp.
10 gpm. pump is more reasonable. Future repair and service to an
800 ft. well is also costly and important to consider no matter
what the pump size.
6. My neighbor's well is identical to mine. He has a 1 1/2 hp. well
pump supplying an 1100 gal. storage tank with a 1 hp. transfer
pump system that works great for him.
7. I am considering installing a 2 hp. 10 gpm. pump with a 1500-2000
gal storage tank and a 1 1/2 - 2 hp. tranfer pump system. Correct
me if I'm wrong, but well pump life should be longer(250 gal.
storage tank cycle vs. 80-100 gal. pressure tank cycle), the
tranfer pump size can be increased later to accomdate greater
water gpm demand intermittantly if desired, and an elevated
storage tank will provide an emergency supply if the power fails.
8. Cost factors for a 2 hp. pump/pressure tank initially should be
less than a 2 hp. pump/storage tank system, but well pump
repair and replacement cost should less with the pump/storage
tank which is also more adaptable to demand changes.
I need to design a complete system and consider all pertinent issues involved. I'm sure I've not considered some major points and have only explored basic issues. Please feel free to correct my thinking and prevent me from making some critical mistake.
Sorry, to be so long winded.