After research, I am getting ready to replace a Sta-Rite 42 gal. epoxy tank with a Well-x-trol bladder 34 gal. tank as well as adding a ph neutralizer and a possible sediment filter.. I am interested in a cycle stop valve for this system but am confused in what I need. From your website you give this info concerning the valves, "You can select 40, 50 or 60 PSI. with the preset models (CSV1 and CSV1.25) or you can adjust the pressure to suit your needs with the other models. From 25 gallon per minute to 500 plus gallons per minute". I am not sure which one I need or how many gallons per minute I need?. Is the proper valve dependent on the size jet pump I have? If so, I can get that info and relay it to you. Also, i assume the cycle stop valve goes in front of the pH neutralizer, right? This valve will have no effect on the neutralizers efficiency, right? Also, how long (life span) do these cycle valves have and when they do break, what effect will it have on my system? I assume that my system just goes back to cycleing, right? Please let me know what info (if any) is missing for you to properly diagnos what I need? I am new to to well water systems and am trying to do this right the first time. All help will be greatly appreciated!