I have a 1550 gal poly above ground tank that i want to use for a storage tank for my low producing well(s). Right now the well is dry. I've drilled two more wells, one was dry and the other only has 1 gpm. We are in a severe drought here in central Texas right now. Anyway, I will eventually fill the cistern from one or both wells, but for now I am going to have water delivered! I need a recommendation on size of shallow well jet pump and pressure tank for this cistern. The pumps and tanks on your website seem reasonably priced, so I'd like to order from you.

This is what I know (it's not enough); The existing well is 5" casing, 80' deep and the pump is at 70'. The pump is a four wire 230v submersible red jacket, but unknown size or GPM. There is a pumptec on the pump. I don't know about the size or model of the pressure tank(it's burried beside the casing).
About a year ago, we had the well "checked" and it produced 5.7 GPM but static level wasn't checked. I believe the static water level is in flux rather than constant. For example,if we get some rain, (we got almost 2" about [u]2 months ago-and only .2" since that</u>-) the well will pump water for a few weeks, then poops out until we get more rain.
The cistern will be about 190' from each well, and approximately 400' from the house with approximately 7-10' rise. I was thinking about using 1 1/2" schedule 40 PVC for the run to the house, if the pressure loss would be acceptable. There will be two adults and 3 kids under 10 yrs old in the house.
Please let me know what you'd recommend. I can contact you seperately to get details on cost and shipping.