First off, I am a complete newbie when it comes to wells, so thanks for any help.

I have both a well and city water. My well only feeds an exterior faucet, city water feeds my interior. During the winter, I turn off my well pump and don't use it until spring.

My equipment: Well-X-Trol by AMTROL Model WX-202. Square D 40/60 switch, submerible pump (Franklin?)

I noticed after turing on my well pump today and using the faucet, that the pump keeps cycling on and off about every 10 or 15 seconds. I watch the pressure and it moves between ~36 and ~64 psi and back in that 10 second interval.

I then checked my pressure tank pressure and it was showing no pressure. So I charged it to 38PSI.

It is still cycling the same, which is obviously way too much. It's almost like there is no water in the pressure tank and it's using only the directly pumped well water.

When the faucet is not opened (no draw), the guage is showing a constant 56psi and the pump does not kick in at all.

Do I have to wait for a while now that I have the pressure tank pressurized correctly? Any other thoughts as to why this is happening?