well here is the problem, I have a city water source that works just fine and the pressure is fine, What I want to do is run that source to another building, but I am having a few issues the other building has 1 1/2 main water line the building I am running to it (the source) only has 3/4 so when I turn on a couple of water faucets in the basment the upper levels do not get hardly any water so what to do? Here are a few of my thoughts, get a couple hundred gallon water container and feed a shallow well pumping system off of it, or same as before but with a bladder tank and a sum pump with a pressure switch, What I would like to do thou even thou it is more expensive is hook up a water line to a bladder tank straight from my water source (3/4 city water line) the bladder tank would then fill up to the same pressure as the city water line but would have ( I am gussing here) a 1 inch or bigger outlet so more water volume now of course this system would run dry after so long but I only need about a forty or fifty gallon pop at most then the tank would recharge off of the city water line and no pumps would be invloved.

thanks in advance for you suggestions