Hello, I am new and we just bought this house three years ago. The previous owner did not tell us much about the well except that she had it tested then and they said it was fine but should be checked again. The problem is two to three fold: The first one is the psi when the pump is drawing water from the well the psi drops down to 15-20 and when not in use it is at 35 psi, the tech who looked at it back then said it had a short cycle and it still does what can cause that? Is it normal for it go to that low? The second problem is that water pressure is low I can not water the lawn for more than 15 minutes and then I have no water coming out of sprinkler this is also related to running more than two water appliances at same time it it same way.
Oh by the way tried to post picture of the visible part of system but keep getting server error.