Hello everyone,

First off, great site! I have read most of the posts and this seems to be by far the best site out there to talk pumps and tanks.

Here is my situation. I recently bought a house that has a private well. The well itself is approximately 65 ft deep and the pump is submersed. The tank is a typical old galvanized set up and looks to be around 40 gallons. Since moving in around a year ago, I have had to recharge the tank twice. I am not sure what size the pump is but i do know that even when the tank is properly charged, our water pressure is only sufficient for one fixture to be used at a time. For example, if we are filling the washing machine, the water pressure wouldn't be strong enough to take a respectible shower.

What I would like to do is COMPLETELY update/upgrade my tank/motor to a setup that would allow me to have commercial type water pressure so we can use multiple fixtures at the same time. Based on my readings, my guess is the motor is fine and really I should be concerned with a bigger tank. I am willing to spend more for the best setup but need your advice.

What would you do in my situation?