is there any difference in applications for tank or pump when using them for a spring instead of a well?
i plan to tap into a spring that is behind my house, and elevated approx. 30 from the ground level at my house. i plan to use what they call "freezeable"'s some kind of plastic/poly that can freeze solid and not crack..i guess they use it under trailers, but it can be put under ground. i have to run this about 400 feet, and at .56 cents a foot, seems like my best option.
i would like my pump and tank in the house,(basement), due to the distance of the spring, maintenance would probably be easier that way.
i don't know how many gpm i have because it hasn't been tested, but even in times of drought, you can't hold your hand in front of it, the pressure pushes it away. it doesn't really matter, because i'm out of options to get water to the house, so this will have to do.
some old timers around here tell me that i should have enough pressure with it being gravity fed, but i'm not so sure.