Hi a few weeks back we woke up to no water. we have a well (20ft) deep and a submersible pump. we also have a bladder tank up at the house and a pressure switch 30/50.the tank says it is precharged to 30psi.last weekend we replaced the pump and the pressure switch and it seemed to have fix the problem then a couple days ago i took a shower and the water shut off. i checked the pressure on the top of the tank and it is at 6 psi.the pressure gauge on the pressure switch will only build up to about 13 psi even if i hold the swithc on to keep the pump running. checked the check vaulve and it seems to be fine.dont know what else to do. there is plenty of water in the well i have checked it multiple times over the past couple weeks. i also just put in a new pressure tank it is precharged to 30 psi and the new pressure switch is a 30/50. i checked the tanks pressure and lowered it to 28 as instructed on the tank. still the pressure gauge only goes up to about 15 psi and stops no water goes into the tank. please help!!!!!! its been three weeks now>