Hello All, WE are on a county water supply and the PRESSURE is only 20 lbs. How can we increase that to a more usable level?. There is an old tank near the system (part of an old wood burning/ water pumping system). The input to this tank has a guage reading 20-25psi that falls when we turn on the water.It rises and falls with water usage. The valve after the guage is turned off.The output of the tank goes nowhere. Question now is . Can I loop my county feed through this old (it looks like a bladder tank) and increase our water pressure by adjusting the settings on the "Square D" relay on the side of the same tank?... WE REALLY NEED MORE PRESSURE! I'll check back later today. Any suggestions. Thanks, underpressured in Kentucky. PS The tank is an F E Myers, 42 gallon galvanized. no pump in sight..Is this enough information? Thanks