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    Tank Size

    This question continues from one on the pump forum under"Frozen pump house"
    I got my pump rebuilt 1hp J10s Goulds plus. I now have found out my tank a Amtrol WX302 is shot as well.
    This well used to run the whole property. It now only operates 3 water spickets.(new well runs the rest of the property)
    So I was hoping I could go with a really small tank. The spicket that is furthest away is probably 500 ft.
    What size would be recomended?
    Also are the odds pretty good my pressure switch is shot too?
    Thank you

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    I would have to know the size of the pipe going the 500 feet. If you are using only hose bibbs, I assume you are going to attach single sprinklers with garden hoses. If so, I would recommend the PC-66 (42 gallon bladder tank) with the Smart Tee. This way, you won't cycle the pump motor to death while only running one sprinker against a pump that can easily pump 20+ gallons per minute.

    I am not sure about the pressure switch, but if adding a new tank and the Smart Tee, a new switch for less than $10.00 wouldn't be a bad idea.


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