Recently I started having a problem with my pressure swith, the points on it would get stuck and cause me to loose water pressure throughout my house. I installed a new switch and then I started noticing small particles in my tap water along with low water pressure. I contacted my well guy and they came out and looked at the system and found that galvinized pipe had been used to connect the plastic pipe coming in from the well to the water tank. He informed me that that was probably the problem due to the galvinized pipe being plugged up. He also recommended the tank be replaced. After the galvinized pipe was changed to copper and a new tank I still don't have the pressure at the facet that I used to. I have by passed my water softner and the pressure is still the same. The pressure gauge reads about 45 and goes down with a facet on to about 25 and the pump kicks on. It takes about a minute for the tank to fill back up and read 45 on the pressure gauge. Also I don't have constant pressure in the house, if you are taking a shower and someone flushes a toilet it will slow down even more. Do you have any other idea's for me that may be causing this.