I have been having trouble with water pressure lately. The well was drilled in fall of 2000. The well is quite deep, about 240 feet with steel casing. Spring of '05 I had to replace the pump and since the the water pressure has steadily diminished. In the mornings the water pressure is usually pretty good. But a little use and the pressure is gone. It doesn't take much usage, A couple of showers in succession or a load of laundry and the pressure is gone. It will take hours for the pressure to recover. A relative of mine is convinced the well is going dry and the well driller screwed me. I thought of calling another well driller to evaluate the situation but the relative mentioned previously says it is futile that another well driller will say anything to get my money. I am not as jaded as this relative. I don't know much about wells and wouldn't know if I was getting screwed. I do believe folks who run their own business do try to do a good job because thier name is on the bill. Sorry about all the non-relavent text. Paul