Hi everyone. Lurked on here for a while gathering valuable information, and now I have a specific problem that I'm hoping to get some help on.

We have a well that I've been told Artesians during the winter. There is a faucet sitting on top of the well housing that, during the winter, will expel water if opened. The other day, I noticed water accumulating around the pump house. Opening it up, I noticed water flowing out of the top of the well through a hole where the wires pass down to the submersible pump. My first thought was that it's just Artesianing (is that a word?) and that it might be a better idea to attach a hose to the faucet to drain the water pressure out away from the pump (and wires/electrics). When I turned on the faucet on top of the pump housing, I did see the water stop flowing out of the wire hole, but I also noticed a lot more water being expelled causing the pressure to drop on my holding tank, then kicking on the pump at 30psi (as it should) and then the pump trying to fill the tank up again, but with no progress (i.e. not building up pressure).

Also, I may be imagining it, but it seems like the holding tank pressure still drops verrrrry slowly when the faucet is closed and the water dribbled out of the hole on top of the pump housing.

My uneducated guess is that the pressure of my holding tank is actually pushing water back toward the pump/well. It's the only reason I can think of for the water flow causing a tank pressure drop.

So, not knowing much about this stuff, what should I do? Obviously I want to leave the pump housing faucet close, unless I want my pump on all the time (not good). Is everything working as it should (with the water dribbling out of the well)? Do I need to do anything else to "fix" this problem? One question I had was whether there ought to be some sort of a backflow vavle on the well side of the tank tee to stop water going back?

Thanks for any tips/suggestions. Let me know if you need more informations.