Help! I have a large galvanized tank and submersible pump. The lilne from the pump comes in to the top of the tank. Between the pump and the inlet to the tank there is a T with a vertical fixture coming off of it that is sort of conical and has lots of holes in it. (Not sure what that does.) In the middle of the tank there is a nipple coming out of the tank on which the only thing installed is a pressure gage. At the bottom of the tank is the outlet.

Problem: I CONSTANTLY have air in my lines. During any given shower I MIGHT get 2 or 3 minutes of uninterrupted water flow. Sometimes it will cough so badly that the water temporarily stops flowing and then restarts. Sometimes it's just an annoying sputter. this can happen anywhere in the house - shower, sinks, toilets on both floors. Any time (including right when you turn the water on.)

I think it's the tank because: if i shut the well off and run the tank dry, it will refill and be fine for a few days. no coughing, no air. then a few days later the annoying coughing starts up again.

i think the tank is bad and putting out air into the supply to the house. i've purchased a 120 gal bladder tank (10.7 gal drawdown) to replace my galvanized tank.

Question - any chance this will fix the problem? Now that I have the tank home, of course, I do some reading and find out that I might have to plug up or remove bleeder orifices in the drop line in the well. If I don't pull the pump, and i replace the tank, and there ARE bleeder orifices, does this mean i'll still have air in my lines? (Guess I won't be any worse off.)

Any thoughts/comments are welcome. hope this is enough info.