[?]O.K. here is what I have!
My well is 300’ deep
6” casing- then drops down to 5’ at bed rock
1’ black plastic with I think a 1 hp 220 volt submersible pump
20 gallon bladder tank
I was going to put a tankless water heater in and did some checking on my water quality and found that my ph is only 4.0 so I wanted to put an acid neutralizer tank in to raise my ph level. The problem is the tanks will only treat down to a ph level of about 5.4 so it is recommended to install a Soda Ash system. So I did some checking on the internet and found a lot of answers. It recommends a retention tank after the injection of the soda ash. I have a water problem also when I get a lot of company flushing the toilets or taking showers. I thought I would kill two birds with one stone and put an underground storage tank let’s say 300 to 500 gal. That can be the retention tank for the treated soda ash water plus give me the extra water when needed. Then I was going to put a submersible pump in it to feed the house. I thought I would use a coyote switch to run my primary well pump with float switch to control the holding tank level. I did some reading on a constant pressure valve to maintain a constant 60 psi in my house system. The constant pressure vale is something I have never heard of and know nothing about. Right now I just have a bladder tank and a pressure switch that turn the pump on at 30 lbs and off at 50 lbs. If you are taking a shower and someone opens a faucet you will either get a shot of cold or hot water depending on what they turn on. I have Ύ” water line main to each bath both hot and cold.
I am up for any suggestions on what I should do as far as my system goes.
Thanks rocky02