Hi there, I have a low producing well. 330 ft depth 30 ft static level with two pressurized tanks in basement. One small tank about 7 gal which is the original tank and a larger big blue maybe 30 gallon tank added by the previously owner for additional storage which doesn't really help much. I have a small filter after the tanks.
I have a family of four. We run out of water from time to time. I had a pumptec pump protector installed after losing a pump a couple of years ago. I also have red colored sediment in all of my toilet tanks. The lower my water level goes the more orange my water becomes. Wife won't drink the water so I'm now buying drinking water. I'm thinking of adding 250 gal tank(s) for additional storage. Besides the tank(s) I don't know what else I would need or how to set up. I heard of a device a while back that would fill the tank throughout the day and night thus producing more water from the well but I don't remember what it is called. I guess a booster pump as well? Can two vertical tanks be connected together? I'm thinking about putting the tank against the back wall in my garage, the other side of this wall is my utility room where the pressurized tank are located. Should I remove one of the pressured tanks? I would also like to address the orange colored water as well . How long would tanks last? Tank type? Quality? Any recommendations on how to do all of this? Would I be better of hydrofracing the well? Many thanks!