I had originally posted this under another topic, but I did not receive a response. It is probably my fault because I did not post it as a question, but here goes. This was my original post.

I am having an issue with poor water pressure. I do have an inline filter, but my issue was there long before its installation. I replaced the pressure switch and broken gauge which is set at 60/40. The pump comes on and kicks off as it is supposed to, but my water pressure still stinks. I have a Medalist Perma Pressure Hydropneumatic tank which appears to be really old. I was going to run the system out and add air to the tank, but there does not appear to be an air valve on the tank. Although it has directions for draining the system and repressurizing the tank on the side of the tank.

In answer to my own problem, I decided to check my filter. It has only been in for a month or two, and I live in a 2 person household. When I pulled the filter it appeared to becovered in either rust or sand (caked on). I replaced the filter and I have incredible water pressure. The reason for the filter was rust colored water.