Gentlemen: Iím a city gal, used to town water, who just bought a 1950 home with the original very large galvanized well tank sitting horizontally in the wall of my basement. Looks like a giant porthole on a ship with a glass tube in front with water inside. My problem is silt coming into my inside bathtubs, etc. Just installed an expensive water filtering system and that did not solve the problem. Have been told by a local well company that I should leave the old tank in the wall and install a new smaller vertical tank. They also advised me to install a submersible pump instead of the above-ground jet pump I currently have. Guys, all I want is silt-free water and am a big believer in ďIF IT AINíT BROKE DONíT FIX ITĒ!!! Iím not sure if I am being taken advantage of here. Does the water tank have anything to do with silt coming in the house? Can I just have the tank cleaned out? Why canít I keep the jetpump? I have already been ďtaken the cleanersĒ with the filtering system and the well company wants to charge me $2,000.00 to install a new tank! I think they saw this "city gal" coming and would appreciate any help/knowledge you could give me.