I suspect I've got a failed 15 year-old WX-203, but would like to confirm before replacing. Initial symptom was a rapidly cycling pump, so I bled the sytem down and check bladder pressure from Schrader valve at top. Virtually none. Digital pressure gauge didn't even register, although some water came out. Hmmmm....

So I pumped the system up to 20 lbs with my bicycle pump - I realize spec is 38 lbs, but I didn't want to get too agressive initally. Still have rapid cycling, though not quite as bad (10 seconds vs. 3 maybe). I checked pressure and got sprayed with water. I'm pretty sure this means that the bladder is toast and the whole unit is in need of replacement, yes?

FWIW, once I got the gauge seated, pressure matched plumbed-in gauge pressure, which I presume it should regardless of whether bladder has failed or not, right?