We bought a store bought tank today and installed it. (I know - I should've come on here first) anyway, after putting in the tank we turned on the water and no water would come out. So, we thought it was the pressure switch and my son in law went and bought a new switch and put it in. Still no water. We tried everything we know how and still two days with no water here. We have a wellsaver upright tank a parts20 pressure switch and city water. We are high up in the Appalachian Mtns and that's why (I'm assuming) we had to have this in the first place (I bought it with the old tank).

The old tank went out finally after several months of filling it with air. A few days ago we just couldn't get it to take any air on and we had no water.

We really need some good advise on what to do. Thank you. RG

Renata Galvan