A new tank was just installed by a local "pump house" because of a burst bladder at my son's house. I believe his electrical box had been hit by lightening...that had to be replaced, too. The installer replaced the very large tank (over 100 gallons) with a 37 gallon tank and claims that all is checking out well when he runs performance checks on the pump. The pump is a 1/2hp, but that is all the info I have.

Unknowingly, since I had not really dealt with anything like this before, the man has been paid and I am now attempting to get the job made right. Any recommendations on dealing with this matter? What is the appropriate size tank for a 4-bedroom home? The well is over 200 ft deep. The well sits at the top of a small hill at the back of the property. His power bill has increase significantly since this ordeal.

Thanks for any words of advice.