Hello. I'm not a betting Man, but if I were, I would bet I'm one of the only person's on this Forum that has a "Y" Strainer on the "Outlet" of their "Galvanized Air Maker Well Tank"! Besides Catching Rust Chunks, Small Pebbles, Teflon Tape, Sand, etc., Here is another good reason to have one: I went to a yard sale last weekend, and their was a Johnson Controls "Air Volume Control", (new in the box), for sale, for 15 bucks. After I purchased it, the seller proceeded to tell me why they were happy to get rid of it, and had a different pressure system now, (Bladder Tank). This lady told me the last "AVC'S" Float broke off, and Migrated about 3o feet down the 1-1/4 inch supply line. She said it took many hours of digging, and cost many dollars for the plumber to Find it,and remove it. Today I stopped by my Well Drillers Office, and asked him if he ever had to dig a float out. He said yes, about 8,or 10 times in his 40 years in the buisness. He said most of the time they remain in the tank,(unless they break up), but it still takes time and effort to get them out, which cost money.(This is yet another reason I'm glad I have a 2 inch "Y" Strainer on my Tank Outlet). Just an F.Y.I.