My well pump and tank system is 16 yrs old.
Pump 3/4hp Submers pump 220vac in a 180 ft deep well
Tank is a well x trol wx-302.
System is located in a full standard depth basement. Highest point plumping fixture. is 26 ft vertical.
Main line is 1- inch

We started to have some pressure issues . A new pressure switch was install recently due a leak from the combination galvanized fitting matched to the copper . Pressure set 40/60# . The pump cycles normally. We have noticed that a there is a 5# drop of pressure from the high point stop. 8# of air was also added to the tanks bladder to meet the required 38#.
Still we have water pressure problems. When the multiple fixtures are open at the same time the second floor sees little or no water flow.
When the water demand is high was noticed is that the gauge pressure stays at the low end 40# for about 3 minutes until the pump kicks on. Any suggestions?

I was considering a new tank since this one is 16 yrs old. Maybe upgrading to the WX-350 for the higher depand/ capacity. Might also install a CSV .