I discovered today that water is trickling from the bottom of my pressure tank - slow now, but I will assume that it won't stay that way. I can't see the bottom of the tank, but the inlet and outlet piping are visible and dry; therefore, I assume that a pipe is not leaking, and that corrosion has caused the leak. We have water that is very high in sodium carbonate and hard on plumbing. Information that I have gathered from this Forum leads me to believe that I do not have a bladder tank. In one posting, the author showed pictures of an air-maker, and relief valve (float-type) which looks identical to what is on this tank. Now, the question: How do I decide if a bladder tank will work on this system? I regret that I don't have more information at the moment. The home, and system, are 12 years old, and I have owned it for three. I am just now seriously studying it.