We have a mountain vacation home (9000 ft elev). The well is at 320 ft and only flows at about 0.4gpm. We have a WellMate pressure tank (model 25B). Our problem is that we run out of water when we have guests or our family all take showers, laundry and/or washes dishes within same 8 hours.

We may have a slow dyeing well problem, but it's been like this for 3 years, doesn't seem to be getting worse and since we're only here for 1 week out of every 8 weeks, I don't want to incur the expense of drilling a new well.

So, I was thinking that I should add another large pressure tank or holding tank, either of which could slowly fill back up when we're not there 7 out of 8 weeks. Does anyone have a suggestions or ideas for this challenge?