...or diaphram vs air cell.

My 20 year old WX-203 is leaking. This is a great time to get a CSV1Z and a smaller tank. (If the new tank turns out to be too small, I'll just put a second one in parallel.)

After much research I've settled on a FL-7 or a WM-6. I like the light-weight composite and the PVC fitting on both.

Each of course, claims their air/water separation is better. The WM-6 has a lengthy service record and the air cell is replaceable, but $$$.

The FL-7 is new but uses proven diaphram tech and Flex-Con has a good history too. The diaphram is what Well-Xtrol and most steel tanks use. The Flex-Lite gets me composite [u]and</u> a diaphram.

Any thoughts?

ps, I looked at the Pro Source fiber-wound, but their air cell is only anchored at the top, as opposed to Well-Mate anchored top and bottom.