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Thread: pressure tank or pump?

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    pressure tank or pump?

    I have no water pressure. We have a 20/40 system with the tanks air pressure testing at 35 psi. The tank doesn't seem to be filling, we are getting water in the house, but no reading on the pressure gauge. The water flow is becoming less and less. We have been shutting the pump on and off when we need water. Please help. Have loads of animals to get water to. Is this problem the pressure tank or the pump? Can't remember all componets in well housing so not sure if there is a filter installed or not.The pressure tank does have a bladder. thanks for your time.

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    First of all, the tank has too much air in it. Read the FAQ page to find out how to set up a bladder tank and pressure switch.

    It wouldn't be a bad idea to have a pump man take a look. It may save you money down the road. If you need to buy a new pump or tank, then we can help. But don't buy anything until you know you need it.


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