My waterline comes in to a check valve with 2 taps (pressure switch and guage), then to a tee for the tank (wx-202) and the house line. The existing tank has a bladder leak (0 psi, air leaks out open hose bib when pumping tank up), so I need to replace that. I am thinking of the WWT20, and also adding a CSV, perhaps the CSV150. My system is currently using a 40-60 switch, and we're happy with the pressure. Due to gunk buildup (I suspect), after the pump shuts off, the pressure drops from 60 to 50, so I'm replacing the piping from the line coming in to the house to the house line, after the tank.

I know I am replacing the tank, adding the CSV, and I have a new guage and switch. I don't know what pump I have, or if it has a functional valve. Can I eliminate my check valve without knowing if I have a foot valve at the pump? Also, I saw a tank tee w/ union on the product listing, and am not sure what is meant by "built in union". I will be needing to replace my tee, and I will be needing something with 2 taps, would this tee be appropriate?

If there is further info I need to supply, please ask... I'm figuring things out as I go, as I have never done any work with a water system before.

thank you