I don't know the model of the pump (it is in ground, well dug by a certified company but the pump was installed by the previous owner). Well is 350' deep. The bladder tank is one of those smaller ones. 25gal?

When the well was dug the well owner ran a line to his cousins trailer (telling them they would have water so long as he owns the land) - so I bought and they were disconnected (by electrical line) but the pipes remain as is. I have no idea what the other people did with the piping as they had to divert to pumping from the creek below. I wonder if they left the pipe from my well open (uncapped).

I loose pressure in my tank when the winds are high. At first I thought is was when the barometer changes (winds followed by rain) but over time I noticed it happens when the wind blows well.

I can't find anything on the net about a pump serving two houses and how the pipes or electrical wiring would be set up to do so.

Before I start digging in the yard trying to find an end of the metal pipe to unscrew and cap off... I'd rather like to know if this is a problem - although I don't trust the neighbors either.

They were nasty when I moved in (later learned of the old water deal as nothing on the deed) and since then the mother moved out, then a 1 1/2 yrs later the daughter moves in (places her propane tank 3 feet on my property) - called me stupid because of surveyor, then got real mad when they realized the law can't compel me to pay half when they hired the surveyor! They have not begun a fence since the laws have changed just before they hired the surveyor too! (other things but you get the gist - and why an open pipe to my well is also another concern).

So, with a suspected 'open pipe' would barometric air changes or high winds do something inside the well to upset my flow?

When she looses pressure all I have to do is go down and flip the metal lever till the tank fills up again.

I know I probably should have a 'holding tank' before the pressure tank but I am planning to build and then tear this old trailer down. Hopefully two years time.