Hi all, new guy here.

I 'm building our new house and have the following:

300' well.
Gould 3/4HP deep well pump.
9+ gpm

I bought a Shur-Dri 35/82 gallon pressure tank and installed a 30/50 switch.

The problem:

From 0 pressure, I have to manually close the contacts to start the pump. Eventually, I can let go of the contacts and the pump will run up to 50.
When the pressure drops to 30, the switch cuts in by itself as it should. It immediately cuts off as the surge puts the pressure gauge at something over 60lbs. It cycles on and off like that until I stop it by either manually closing the switch again or shutting down the power.

The thought of that new pump torquing around down there makes my skin crawl.

I think the switch is just doing its job as the start-up pressure exceeds the 50 preset. The tank is said to ship with 40psi pre-charge/ I lowered that to 28.

If this is a simple and maybe often asked question, forgive me.
I have several thousand posts on other forums and I try to be kind to newbies so I hope you'll do the same.

Thanks, in advance,