We are building a new house about a mile from the well. The line has been run and stubbed into the house. It is a 1.25 PVC line. There is a small pressure tank (20 gallon I think) at the well. At the new house there is 30 pounds of static pressure with a cheap pressure gauge on the end of a 1/2 inch garden hose attached to the stub out for the line (temporary to get water outside). The flow through a one inch garden hose is 5-6 gallons per minute.

By my calculation there should be about 300 plus gallons of water in the line itself. I let the water run about 2 hours yesterday after I hooked it up and it was still running fine (i.e., I think there is plenty of water at the well head - but do not know anything more about the pump at the well or the well depth/water level - it is an old well and we t'ed into the line and ran it on to the new house).

The house has 3 showers and one tub and occasionally all four will be going at once. I plan to put 2 - 50 gallon HW Heaters in series. House has all the normal stuff - dishwasher, washer, and a 1/2 bath in addition to the 4 full baths.

So what do I need to do to make sure I have (1) enough water at the house and (2) adequate pressure? The plumber suggested just hooking in a booster pump. Do I need a storage tank with pump - just a pump or a pressure tank with a pump.....? And what size of all that

Thanks for your help.