What should I use?

1) Cistern-pump-pressure tank-distribution line
2) Cistern-pump-rooftop storage tank-pressure booster-distribution line

With #2 I would still have water pressure if the pressure booster failed. The cost difference for a pressure tank and a pressure booster I wouldn’t know. I would need 2 pumps and an extra storage tank with system #2. If I use system #2, I could put all the units on the roof and use a submerged pump in the cistern; space is a problem.

The final question: who would I contact to import pressure boosters, pressure tanks and pump systems at dealer prices into Mexico through Laredo TX where I have a broker? Are all these units coming from China or is there a USA manufacturer. Because the market is a little behind in Mexico and the Economy is expanding, people are affording technology. I’m not sure if most of the people replying to these posts are salespersons, plumbers, or both. If you need any more information or would be interested working with me please emails me at info@rexbuilt.com

Thank you for your time