Hi, I just inherited a home with well-supplied water. New to this whole thing, I called in a pump guy to determine why the water was running out all the time. He replaced the bladder tank and switch and really didn't explain much, nor did I pay attention. $440 later, the problem was solved, and, not accustomed to having to know much about how the water gets into your house, I was happy! Well, I would've like to have spent the $400 on something else, but...

After starting to live here full time, I'm plagued by the horrible and variable water pressure. It's sooo low. I wanted to set up a couple of sprinklers in the front yard to improve the lawn a little, but I watch them shoot out water across the yard for a vert short bit and then go down to nothing. And heck, I was only using one at a time.

I was happy to find this website and read about bladder tanks and submersible pumps. My switch was set to the 60-40 setting when installed. By the time it gets down to 50 on the gauge the faucets in the house barely dribble water, or, if I'm sprinkling, the sprinklers just dribble water and don't turn. Frustrating.

After reading this site I thought, well, if I get a bigger tank, the pressure differential will change more slowly and my pump will cycle less which is good, but still once the pressure gets under 50 I have to endure useless showers and dry lawns.

What can I do to increase the output pressure of my system? Is there a tank or pump that I can use with a setting that increases the output pressure? I saw the Flexcon Smart Tee... will that help my woes?

Thanks for your advice to a city boy total well newbie!