I got this in an email from Terry and asked if I could put it here for others to see. He said go for it, so here it is.

quote:I have some sort of wound fiberglas looking thing with a replaceable bladder. I replaced the bladder about 2 years ago and it's already leaking again.

In searching for pressure tanks I happened to stumble across your web site and forums. I noticed Gary Slusser posting in them. I have the utmost respect for Gary and if he recommends your company then you folks must be alright.

Until today I had never heard of a CSV. From what I read I might be interested in one of those, too.

As for the well info, I don't know much about it. It was there when we bought the place. I do know that it's a deep one...about 200 feet as I recall. The casing is 4 inch PVC and the pump is 220 volt if that helps any.

At our last house we had a WX-302 tank and the one that is currently leaking at our present location is slightly smaller than that. I'd say about 3.5 feet tall and 2 feet in diameter.

The intended use of the system is for our 2 bedroom/2 bath house. If you need more information I'll do what I can. Just let me know.

How much? When can I get it? Do you take hot checks? :-)

Thank you,
Terry, we accept any sort of payment that we can convert to cash.[88]

I have never been too fond of Well Mates for the reasons you stated above. I do like Well X Trol and Flexcon. I sell the Flexcon. The Cycle Stop Valve is a valve that can allow you to buy a small tank, like the WWT-20 Bladder Tank along with the Valve, and save some money while getting constant pressure along with the peace of mind that your not cycling your pump motor to death.

If you have questions about how the csv works, Valveman will be the one to do the explaining.


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