First of all I have nothing to do with this site other than posting here. But let me give all you with bad bladder tanks, those that are not galvanized, a few tips.
If your bladder goes bad DON'T panic. It does not have to be replaced that very minute.
Most bladder tanks on the market will last less than 5 years and usually have a one year warranty. If your tank goes bad the symptoms are rapidly cycling pump and pressure, your tank will be very heavy, full of water and very little air pressure in the tank. The tank will be waterlogged.
Turn off the power to the system, empty the tank of water by opening a faucet lower than the tank and holding the air valve in the top of the tank open. Once empty refill the air in the tank to the correct amount, usually 2# less than the cut in pressure. Turn on your power and you will be OK for a short while.
Now call Bob here on this site and order a good tank, forget the tanks at the big box or hardware stores, buy quality. There is no reason to have to buy a new tank that day!
OK now that you have a good quality tank how do you prolong the life of it? Do two things.
First size the tank, and pressure properly for your needs.
Secondly install a Cycle Stop Valve, CSV. There is plenty of information on this site about them, but basically they are a valve that regulates the flow of water to match your needs and keeps the pump from cycling. The other benefit is it keeps the tank bladder from cycling, less wear and tear.
On this forum I frequently read how a homeowner went and bought a cheap tank at the big box store because he was out of water and thought he needed it that day. In 99% of the cases you have time. Buy good quality products from reputable dealers and your tank and pump will last a lot longer, and cost less in the long run.
Just my 2 cents worth.