This may be a little long so bear with me. I have a reservoir tank that I draw my water from using a jet pump. I had to loose the prime because a handle on the main line cracked so I needed to replace it. I unplugged the jet pump and opened a faucet to release the pressure. Next day had no pressure fixed the valve, put water back in the jet pump to get prime back and turned on. It got primed and works but not like it did before. The jet pump kicks on continuously even while I wash my hands. It goes on 4 or 5 time while the toilet fills up. I have a gauge on the bottom of the bladder tank that reads 45 psi when the pump stops, but as soon as a valve opens it drops very fast to 25 psi and the jet pump kicks on. Before it would drop very slowly to 25 psi then kick on. It may of kicked on only once filling up the toilet, maybe. What did I do wrong or what are my next steps to trouble shoot/ fix the problem. Thank you and sorry for being so long.